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You think & it is done

Averox has one of the leading IT teams in the world with over 20+ years’ experience of creating top-notch bespoke solutions for top brands such as Telenor, Samsung,  BT, Siemens AG and many more big names.

No matter what sort of bespoke development you need just contact us and we will bring your dream into reality.

White Label

We develop bespoke & white label solutions for B2C & B2B service providers.

Your Brand

We can provide the world’s most in demand solutions under your own brand.

Stop Paying

Stop paying royalties and subscriptions by owning IPR.

& a lot more

this is not just a hit and run bespoke development service.

Get your bespoke Software development appointment booked.

Label top products as your own & generate a killer income

Averox also provides white-label licenses of top of the line products along with the marketing material and guidelines for you to market the products successfully.

Business management, social media marketing, SEO you name it we have all the solutions that everyone out there is craving for.     

Use your own branding.

Use your own domain.

Technical support is our headache.

We will provide customer support to the White Label owner.

Get all the marketing material to market the product to perfection.

Sell under your own label & build your own revenue stream.

You focus on sales, marketing & customer services while we take care of the technology.

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Social Marketing

Advertising Intelligence

Business center

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About us

Averox has served many of the world’s major telecom brands in OSS/BSS, IT backend, TI/BTS roll outs and SaaS in business management and social media solutions.


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