Averox is a public company listed in the Pink Sheets in the United States. Since It’s inception in 2003, Averox has aggressively extended its presence around the globe meeting the objectives of all stakeholders. Presence in key locations of USA, UK and Pakistan, gives Averox the added advantage logistically and the ideal platform to extend it’s reach into regional and global market; creating competitive advantage and help client achieve superior results. Ever since it’s operations, Averox has won a reputation for outstanding service and attention to detail in providing effective and flexible employer solution.

We, at Averox, believe that research and development is a key factor to success in an ever changing technological environment. Our aim is to obtain a positive, enduring, long term, professional relationship with our client, based on trust and mutual respect. We create and use a wide spectrum of increasingly convergent and inter linked information as a tool to drive improvement which enables us to comply with client’s concerns and queries.

Our Belief and Values

Averox strives to increase inherent company potential of its clients and helps them achieve the competitive edge they seek in an ever-changing marketplace.

At Averox, we value client satisfaction and their needs with a belief in building long-term relationship instead of one off deal. Our hallmark is in our pursuit of continuous improvement in order to meet and exceed existing standards.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

United State Of America:

Averox (Pvt.) Ltd.
3790 El Camino Real,
Palo Alto,
CA 94306,
Tel: +1 (650) 546-4450


Averox (Pvt.) Ltd
Software Technology Park 3
156 Service Road North
Sector I-9/3, Islamabad
Telephone Number: +92 51 844 4593

United Kingdom:

Averox Europe Ltd.
78, York Street,London,
W1H 1PD, United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 (0) 203 582 6970
Fax: +44 (0) 203 582 6974

Investor Relations

Averox Inc. (OTCBB:AVOX) is a publicly held independent provider of solutions and services in the explosively growing domains of Telecommunication Engineering, Telecommunication OSS and BSS and Information Technology.
Averox began operations in 2002 , providing outsourced engineering, hardware and software services and support to major telecommunications companies, particularly those involved in building out a nationwide network of GSM systems in Pakistan. Averox became a publicly traded company on the OTC Bulletin Board last year after a merger with a publicly traded company.Today Averox services include offshore product development,application management, project management, program management, telecommunications network deployment, management, optimization and maintenance for small, medium and large enterprises. Averox Inc. has more than eighty employees at its two principal subsidiaries Averox Private Limited and Averox FZ-LLC and offices in Pakistan and the US.

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