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The Averox Business Centre is a powerful reporting dashboard that allows you manage all facets of your clients’ experience from one place. With our software, you can engage and retain small and medium businesses under your own brand. 


Client Portal

Give your clients a single login to access all of your products and solutions. Your clients’ digital tools, apps and services can be found all in one place.

Automated Reporting

Keep your clients coming back for more information with the Executive Report, an automated weekly or monthly email report that shows short-term changes and long-term trends in a client’s digital exhaust.

Multi-Location Business

Center: You can track down the online activity of thousands of businesses, including insights on Reviews, Listings, and Google My Business.

The Business Center measures effectiveness across six categories


The automated report shows such the accuracy of websites they’re listed on and progress of listing accuracy over a period of time to ensure accurate listings translate to increased customer traffic.


The Executive Report shows your clients data such as most recent reviews and trending themes in reviewer comments. This helps them improve their first impressions and establish trust with new customers.


The automated report displays data that shows how your clients’ website score in drawing new customers.


The Executive Report uses social media marketing data to show the progression of people who engage with clients.


The automated Executive Report displays live performance data from to give an idea if client’s ads are reaching their desired audience.


The Executive Report displays data from such as Top 10 keywords and spots moved over a period of time that you can show your clients:

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Averox has served many of the world’s major telecom brands in OSS/BSS, IT backend, TI/BTS roll outs and SaaS in business management and social media solutions.


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