We are seeing accelerating usage of connected devices and this usage is helping to drive dynamic growth in the mobile broadband sector. There is a growing recognition that a variety of system integrators, specialists and resellers are best placed to aggregate the kind of services that the mobile network can offer with their own consultancy, systems expertise and support, and deliver the whole.

AVEROX has the ability to adapt to these changes and tackle these relevant issues through a new approach to provisioning SIMs that enables the allocation of network resources to be deferred until the point of first use. Dynamic SIM Allocation™ solution enables new SIM cards to interact with the provisioning process via the mobile network despite not having previously been provisioned.

It enables wireless carriers to offer an enhanced customer experience, removes the inefficiencies of pre-provisioning, and avoids costs associated with inactive SIM cards. DSA™ enables an on-device interaction with the end-user at the point of first use, delivering a differentiated user experience and attracting higher-spending and longer-staying prepaid customers.

Key Benefits

  • Enhancing the User Experience � Choice and Personalization
    The time of first use is the ideal opportunity to offer choice and personalized services to prepaid subscribers. The DSA™ on-device dialogue is device-aware and location-aware ensuring the user is always presented with appropriate and relevant choices. This not only provides a better customer experience but further increasing the incremental revenue opportunity for the operator.
  • Number selection
    In todays world, the ability to choose a telephone number is important to end-users. Whether it is a number with a cultural or personal significance or simply an easy to remember number, being able to offer the choice to customers provides the operator with a competitive advantage and also an opportunity to increase revenues, as charges can be applied for these numbers.
  • Tariffs and Promotions
    The DSA™ Promotions Engine allows an operator to offer promotions to the subscriber as part of the first use experience. An operator may use the Promotions Engine to increase the value of a new subscriber by encouraging them to take up value-added services, or may use promotions to differentiate their service from competitors and attract additional new subscribers. A range of promotion types can be offered including: price discounts on special numbers, loyalty bonuses, incentives to take up certain tariffs, and additional products or services relevant to a specific subscriber.
  • Compete by offering choice
    Carriers can differentiate their service, by offering a range of personalization options to any customer. Personalizations offered are relevant to the user�s device, location and other circumstances. Customers are attracted by enhanced services, not just low price, and revenues are increased.
  • Any product in any channel
    Voice, data or mobile broadband; prepaid or contract� any product can be sold through operator-owned or independent retail channels. The on-device personalization process supports more choices than independent channels can conventionally offer.