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Now you can send emails that deliver value to local businesses, making your email marketing the easiest it has ever been. Our ready-made campaigns are specially built to target local businesses. The best part? We leverage on the solutions you sell to deliver personalized insights to every prospect, leading to high engagement and better results. With a few clicks, you can create and deliver SNAPSHOT REPORTS to your prospects that help them see short-fallings about their online presence.


Kickstart tailored campaigns

Create custom campaigns or use the ones we’ve already developed to target local businesses with solutions you offer.

Track every engagement

Dig into analytics to track email performance and alert your sales team of hot leads based on campaign engagement.

  • Leverage online data about the businesses you’re targeting to create highly personalized assessments.
  • Send businesses their detailed assessments and show them how they’re performing online by providing relevant insights that businesses don't know about themselves, including online reviews, social mentions, etc.
  • Launch campaigns in minutes, and start getting hot-lead notifications as soon as your contacts interact with their messages.
  • Use analytics to measure engagement and create nurture strategies and get real-time engagement alerts for quick follow-ups in our pipeline management system.

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About us

Averox has served many of the world’s major telecom brands in OSS/BSS, IT backend, TI/BTS roll outs and SaaS in business management and social media solutions.


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