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With marketing automation from Averox, you are guaranteed a steady stream of interested prospects leaving your sales team to do the closing. Our marketing automation solution combines tailor-made content with email drip campaigns to retain the attention of your prospects.

Features of Marketing Automation

Tailor-made email drip campaigns

With our tailor-made email drip campaigns, you can generate hot leads for your sales team to run with and drive product adoption. You can use these campaigns out of the box, or tailor them to your brand.

The Snapshot Report

The Snapshot Report is a highly personalized marketing analysis solution that helps small businesses run an automatic analysis of their online marketing strategies, helping your sales team proffer solutions that convert. All you need to run a Snapshot Report for any business is their email address and you are good to go.

Notifications for Interested leads v

Our marketing automation makes sure you get instant notifications the instant any of your prospects engages your emails, that way you only contact and follow up people who are ready to close.

Bulk upload

Do you want to upsell your current customers? Our marketing automation software comes with bulk uploads that make that possible. Simply import a list, assign them to your sales team, and add them to a marketing campaign. You even get to decide the right amount of prospects to add at the right time - that includes which days emails are sent, and what’s the maximum number of recipients per salesperson per day.
Benefits of

Marketing Automation

Catch the attention of small business owners

With the Snapshot Report – an AI-powered marketing analysis that reveals how small businesses are performing online, you can dazzle your prospects by showing them how they can do better.

Reduce your cost of customer acquisition

Our marketing automation system runs the whole process of identifying prospects in the background for you so you have less effort to put in and subsequently lowers your costs of operations.

Send ready-made email campaigns in minutes

No more long copies and emails, we’ve done all the heavy writing for you. Now you can start sending ready-made email campaigns at the click of a few buttons.

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Averox has served many of the world’s major telecom brands in OSS/BSS, IT backend, TI/BTS roll outs and SaaS in business management and social media solutions.


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