Averox has a rich history of strong partnerships with industry leading innovative technology companies.

In quest of bringing best solutions and services to its customers, Averox signed partnership with PI WORKS which specializes in network optimization through its revolutionized software and services.

With the aim of providing innovative services and a superior user experience to mobile phone subscribers , Averox is focused and committed to bring forth a cost optimized system.

The demand for these services is ever increasing combined with the need for cost effective and efficient packages, and we, at Averox, are constantly striving to invent and produce a product that fully satisfies the arising need of our client and keeping the revenues healthy. Allowing and ensuring the right amount of capacity to support the unprecedented demand for mobile data services.

Pay for Performance Service

In today�s age, fast moving-innovative technology is the key to keep up and maintain with the pace at which consumer�s habits are changing. P.I.Works and Averox brings revolutionary solutions to network performance management & optimization for the new era in telecommunication. End-to-end Performance Management & Optimization with proprietary Multi-Vendor & Multi-Technology tools designed to deliver major reductions in OpEX & CapEX for operators


Our service aims to challenge current thinking on quality of service, create a common language for quality of customer experience across your organisation and bridge the gap between customer expectations and network performance.

Our strength is in the depth of our analysis and expertise rather than the equipment we deploy. This makes our solution more cost effective than that of our competitors. The benefits of our Mobile Network Optimisation service are wide-ranging, can be realised in short timeframes and experienced across multiple functions within our clients organisation including:

  • Sales: increased customer satisfaction, reduced churn, lower subscriber acquisition costs.
  • Marketing: marketable improvements in performance benchmark testing against competitors

o No up-front or hidden costs
o NO RISK � Pay only if agreed-upon improvements achieved

o Improved and sustained QoE (Quality of Experience)
o Savings up to $25 per subscriber annually both in OpEX and CapEX
o Measurable and significant SLA based improvements in as short as 4 weeks
o Immediate visibility to effects of any parameter changes on the network
o On-site or remote optimization and support
o OSS-based fast & intelligent data mining and warehousing
o Short ROI – savings of $4 to $25 per subscriber per year, depending on ARPU and technology