Bizggro Customization Services:

Bizggro is a highly flexible and scalable platform. Regardless of which accounting, CRM or other system functionality you currently have, there is nothing that cannot be developed into Bizggro. If you need to customise Bizggro, we will be happy to provide our customisation services at a nominal hourly rate.

If you need assignment, workflows, amendment of menu items, or need some extra reports, we can provide all kinds of customisation and development to make Bizggro 100% compliant to your requirements.

Please send us your full requirements and we will be happy to send you a quote in return.

Bizggro Implementation Services:

Don’t have time or resources to implement Bizggro? Don’t worry! We will be happy to implement the complete Bizggro system into your organisation under our professional services.

Our consultants will analyse your business requirements carefully, develop processes to minimize manual work, and provide an ideal solution for your specific industry.

We believe Bizggro is for everyone. So, if you lack the resources, we can provide complete implementation to you. Our professional services are always value for money, can reduce costs, and increase profitability and efficiency.

Bizggro Data Migration Services:

If you are using multiple systems for accounting, managing customer relationships, tasks etc. and want to migrate your data to the latest Bizggro system, we are happy to provide data migration services.

Most of the sections in Bizggro come with built-in import feature. However, if there is difficulty mapping your older system fields, this can be easily handled by our professional services department.

We are happy to deal with all kinds of legacy and current data for migration and import into Bizggro. Just send us your complete data information for a quote.

Bizggro Dedicated Training:

Bizggro is extremely user friendly and easy to operate. However, in some cases, a company policy may stipulate the need for employees to have one-to-one dedicated training. If you need this, please send us an email and we will be happy to arrange a quote with a suitable training schedule.