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Snapshot Report

 This is an assessment report that helps you glean insights about a business’s digital marketing needs. This report can then be used by your sales team to drive pitches and proposals to these businesses.
With the Snapshot Report, you can point out gaps in the marketing strategies of your leads and propose solutions that close these gaps.
It measures six areas to determine how well your potential clients are doing with their online marketing. This can then be used to drive the thrust of your sales pitch.


Businesses need a mobile-friendly site that can help people make decisions to buy in quick time. The Snapshot Report uses Google PageSpeed Insights to evaluate a prospect's website on load speed, mobile responsiveness, and content.


Sales thrives on reviews so businesses must always collect positive reviews to establish trust and confidence among their clients. The Snapshot Report collects data from over 30 customer review websites to highlight the number and newness of reviews, as well as their average score.

Digital Advertising

When running ad campaigns, businesses need to use the right keywords to connect with their target audience. With the Snapshot Report, keywords that will generate the most impressions and clicks for your prospects are recommended.

Business Listings

Businesses need to maintain accurate listings on directories so that their customers can find them online. With the Snapshot Report, you can pinpoint data from over 70 directories to show your clients how they score on online listings.

Search Engine Optimization

Businesses must own their keywords to ensure potential customers find them before their competitors. The Snapshot Report identifies how your prospects’ organic keyword performance stacks up against their competitors’. You can compare keyword overlap, number of keywords and monthly clicks.

Social Media

Thriving businesses can use social media effectively to grow their audience and build brand loyalty. The Snapshot Report helps measure a prospect's social presence against that of similar businesses with metrics like the number of posts and size of the audience.

Benefits of Using the Snapshot Report
  • Use tailor-made content to convert your prospects into customers by providing them with actionable information about their business.
  • Educate businesses about areas of improvement in their digital strategy.
  • Automatically generate sales intelligence and marketing advice for your sales team to use on every call.

Features of Snapshot Report

brand identity

Brand all your reports with the brand identity of your firm to make the results your own.

marketing analysis

Effortlessly to create a comprehensive marketing analysis for a prospect.


Research business my location to find pout those who need your services.

report card

Get a report card of a prospect’s performance across a variety of channels, including social media, website, and advertising.

Generate leads

Generate leads while you sleep when you embed our lead generation widget on your site to capture detailed business information in return for a Snapshot Report.

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