In today’s fast-paced and highly-competitive market of media communication, Averox is the exceptional global marketing services group focused on bringing newer technologies and services to its clients.

Averox offers a new approach and alternate ways of increasing operator revenue sources by diversifying revenue streams from subscribers to advertisers and increasing subscriber loyalty. With the onset of Mobile Advertising predicted to explode, Sponsored Calls are seen as an important area for advertisers to spend their marketing budgets in and an excellent way to reach millions of subscribers

Some of the major shifts in global market and the increasing problems faced today by both the consumer and service provider are the core reasons and elements to put forth a highly practical and smart service as a Sponsored call. These facts are resulting in creating better solutions and services around the globe.

Facts about Operators

  • Competition Among Operators causes challenges in pricing strategy.
  • VAS Revenues still increasing but there is a slow down
  • Existing Services almost saturated
  • Killer Services disappeared
  • Mobile Broadband is a new challenge but high broadband seems as a new threat for voice revenues in the long run
  • Still high competition among Operators causes declining of voice prices

Facts about Advertisers

  • Traditional advertisement methods are TV/Radio, Newspaper&Magazines and OAD
  • Common points among these methods:
    o Communication is one way
    o Target Segment cannot be easily determined
    o Customer feedback is not easy to be retrieved
    o Measurement of effectiveness cannot be done
  • Though having too much drawbacks, traditional methods still generate high revenue

Sponsored Call

Simplest solution that allows end-users to make free or discounted calls while receiving attractive advertisements. At the beginning of or during a sponsored call, the subscriber listens to or watches an advertisement, and the call is then paid by the sponsor totally or partially. Not only you can increase revenues from corporate advertisements, but can also relay your own promotions as well.

Sponsored Call Offers the opportunity for subscribers voice calls to be sponsored by advertiser. When A-party starts a call, Advertisers in exchange for the subscriber listening to pay for the cost of the call. Advertisers can sponsor either whole call or a fixed duration of the call

With the increasing trend for acquiring new technology for lower rate to almost zero , Averox helps you :

  • Differentiate your brand by offering a unique value-added service to your customers.
  • Stay connected to your current and potential customers.
  • By keeping the conversation going with your customers, you can increase your brand loyalty, word-of-mouth referrals, and your sales.


  • Customizable and Flexible.
  • Call length: pre-determined or open-ended
  • Out-going calls or SMS
  • Video ad plays before call or SMS
  • PC and Mobile Clients
  • Cross-platform technology
  • Easy to download
  • Login and logout
  • Customer contact list
  • Call history
  • And more